projets ouverts au concours 2022

Sont listés ci-dessous tous les projets validés par le bureau du conseil de l’ED pour le concours 2022. Les étudiantes et les étudiants intéressés à candidater sur un projet doivent contacter le/la porteur/euse de projet par mail. Il ne pourra être présenté à l’audition qu’un(e) seul(e) candidat(e) par projet. Seul(e)s les candidat(e)s soutenu(e)s par un(e) porteur/euse de projet pourront donc déposer un dossier de candidature

projets ouverts au concours 2022

Liste des projets ouverts au concours

ARTHUR Michel: Design and testing of narrow spectrum antibiotics to fight the emergence of bacterial resistance

AUDIBERT Agnès: Analyse of constitutive heterochromatin dynamics in precursor cells

BADIS-BREARD Gwenael: Exploring the function of Nonsense Metliated mRNA Decay ( NMD) factors beyond NMD

BAFFET Alexandre: Microenvironnment control of cell fate decisions during human neocortex development

BAPTESTE Eric: Network analyses of the dynamics of microbial associations in ageing hosts to characterize the principles of organization of the ageing host-microbiome collective with novel topological explanations

BARDET Pierre-Luc: Role of cell behaviours in tissue remodelling of the zebrafish embryonic spinal cord

BARDIN Allison: Early-life predisposition of diet on adult-stem cell epigenetic programming and tumorigenesis

BARILLOT Emmanuel : Caractérisation de l’hétérogénéité spatiale des gliomes de haut-grades. Deciphering spatial heterogeneity of high-grade gliomas

BERTRAND Stéphanie: Evolution of neural induction Gene Regulatory Network in chordates

BITOUN Marc: Intracellular trafficking of adeno-associated virus vector in pathological muscle cells

BONNE Gisèle: Role of lamin A/C in chromatin remodeling at the onset of muscle differentiation in normal and LMNA-related congenital muscular dystrophy

CADOT Bruno: lmplicating the LINC complex in collective muscle cell behavior

CANTINI Laura:Inferring molecular mechanisms from single-cell spatial data

CARRON-HOMO Clémence : Etude du dialogue entre les cellules souches pré-leucémiques, leucémiques et leur microenvironnement

COCK Mark: Endogenous viral elements and the evolution of brown algal genomes

COHEN Mickael : Mechanism and Regulation of Mitochondrial Fusion

COMBADIERE Christophe: Role of neutrophil subsets in severe COVID-19

COPLEY Richard: Gene duplication and cell type evolution in Cnidaria

COURNAC Axel: Chromosomal loops linked to Pol II activity in the S.Cerevisiae genome

CROCE Jenifer: Characterization of the developing adult nervous system of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus

DANON Antoine: Multi-scale analysis of stress signaling and cellular socialization in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

DARRAS Sébastien: Molecular regulation of cellulose-based 3 D morphogenesis in animais

DELFINI Marie-Claire: A new model of Rhabdomyosarcoma in the chicken embryo to decipher the molecular link between the oncogenic MAPK/ERK pathway and the MYOD transcription factor

DUMOLLARD Rémi : Etude du fonctionnement des récepteurs nucléaires et de leurs rôles dans le développement neural et dans la toxicité induite par les perturbateurs endocriniens chez la larve d’ascidie (Phallusia mammillata)

DURAND Béatrice: Persistence of a unipotent neural stem cell population in the cerebellar primordium: A new transcriptional network acting on stem-like cellular properties

ECHARD Arnaud: How cells split into two? Characterization of new proteins essential for cell division and preventing tumorigenesis

EGEE Stéphane : Diversité et rôle des canaux ioniques dans l’érythropoïèse terminale humaine

EL HADRI-ZEGOUAGH Khadija : Identification des mécanismes de clivage de la thioredoxine-1 dans les macrophages : implication dans l'inflammation et les maladies liées à l'âge

ETIENNE-MANNEVILLE Sandrine: Intermediate filaments in glioblatoma cell invasion

FACHINETTI Daniele: Decipher the causes and consequences of centromere aberrations in human cells

FALCIATORE Angela: Study of plastid biogenesis and activity in marine diatoms

FELIX Marie-Anne: The role of developmental genetic architecture in shaping evolutionary trends and their evolution

FISCHER Gilles: Deciphering the adaptive role of genome structural variations

FONTAINE Bertrand : Maladaptative TET signalling in peripheral tissues in Spinal Muscular Atrophy

FURLING Denis : Perte de fonction des protéines MBNL et dysfonction de l'unité motrice dans le Dystrophie Myotonique

GALY Vincent: Comprehensive analysis of the cellular basis for monoparental mitochondrial inheritance

GAREL Sonia: Roles of embryonic spontaneous neuronal activity in striatum compartmentalization

GLASER Philippe: Epistasis in ß-lactam resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae

GOSSE Charlie: Allosteric modulations leading to the activation of a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) studied by single molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

GOUTEBROZE Laurence: Investigating the impact of CNTNAP2 missense variants on adaptive myelination and myelin repair

HAUTEFEUILLE Mathieu: LIVERSOC:a perfused liver sinusoid on chip microphysiological model to study the role of mechanics on the liver endothelial cells

HITOYOSHI Yasuo: Bimodal transcriptional response of ERK-induced immediate-early genes

HOUDUSSE Anne: Structural studies of cardiac myosin regulation through single mutations analysis and drug interactions

JESSUS Catherine: Control of the cell division : deciphering the molecular connections between two key kinases,PKA and Cdk1

KARABINA Sonia: Molecular and cellular bases of autoinflammatory diseases-Focus on neutrophilic dermatoses

LE HIR Hervé: Deciphering EJC-dependent mRNP packaging and optimizing therapeutic RNA vectors

LE ROUX Frédérique: Big or small as the best? Understanding genome size heterogeneity in natural populations of vibrio

LEMAIRE Stéphane: Paleobiochemistry of the Calvin-Benson Cycle to Explore New Evolutionary Trajectories in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

MARBOUTY Martial: Analysis of the mecanisms of bacteriophage T4 Ndd protein on the disruption of Escherichia coli nucleoid

MAZAN Sylvie: Diversification of habenular asymmetries in jawed vertebrates: the catshark reference

MC DOUGALL Alex: Design principles of embryo shape emergence

MISEREY Stéphanie: Mechanical regulation of protein transport from Golgi to Cell surface

MUCHIR Antoine: Role of phosphorylated nuclear lamin A/C in the development of dilated cardiomyopathy

NEDELEC Stéphane: Human embryoid approaches of signaling networks temporal dynamics in cell fate specification

PETROPOULOS Isabelle: Senescence and iron dyshomeostasis in Alzheimer's Disease: deciphering potential role of neuropsin for the design of innovative multipathway's pharmacological agents

PIETRI-ROUXEL France: Unraveling the novel role of GDF5 signaling in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis for efficient therapeutic strategies

PLASTINO Julie: Actin cytoskeleton in cell positionig and cell motility in vivo

RENDUELES-GARCIA Olaya: Characterization of MGE-mediated capsule evolution at the population and community level

ROBIN François: Study of functional diversity of non-muscle myosin II assemblies in the control developmental cell morphogenesis

ROEST CROLLIUS Hugues: Phylogenomic analysis of regulatory sequence evolution in fish

RUCHAUD Sandrine : Analyse des mécanismes de ségragation des chromosomes et de la dynamique de la division cellulaire par conception de sondes innovantes spécifiques de la kinase Haspine

SALECKER Iris: Neurite remodeling during visual topographic map assembly

SAVOURE Arnould: Interactions of mitochondrial enzymes involved in arginine and proline catabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana

SCHNEIDER-MAUNOURY Sylvie: Deciphering the role of cilia in cerebral cortex development and related diseases using in vitro stem cell neural differentiation approaches combined to in vivo mouse models

SCHUBERT Michael: Evolution of animal nervous systems: new evidence from minor taxa

SEZONOV Guennadi: Genetic and molecular basis of hyper resistance to b-lactam of Mycobacterium abscessus infecting macrophage cells

SHI De-Li: The role Rbm24 in the post-transcriptional regulation of muscle cell differentiation

SILVIE Olivier : Étude des organites apicaux chez les sporozoïtes de Plasmodium

SIX Adrien: High-throughput single-cell data modeling for enhanced cell population identification

SPERANDIO Brice: Pharmaco-modulation of epithelia for induction of antimicrobial peptide expression : a disruptive approach to fight antimicrobial resistance

SUBTIL Agathe: Membrane remodeling by an intracellular pathogen

TADDEI Angela: Etude structurale et fonctionnelle du nucléofilament de Rad51 chez S. cerevisiae

TEOTONIO Henrique: Evolution of recombination in finite populations

TERRET Marie-Emilie: How the mechanical properties of the oocyte impact its developmental potential

TOURNEBIZE Régis: Bacteriophages as a strategy to decolonise multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae from the gut microbiota

TRAN Phong: The impact of spindle and chromosome architecture on cell division

UMBHAUER Muriel: Hnf1b regulation in the context of renal development, disease and regeneration

VAL Marie-Eve: Bacteria with multipartite genomes: how is replication of the multiple chromosomes of vibrio cholerae coordinated?

VALLON Olivier : Les OPR-RAPs du chloroplast comme endoribonucléases séquence-spécifiques

VALLOT Céline: Tracing the dynamics of transcriptome and epigenome landscapes in early basal-like breast tumorigenesis

VILQUIN Jean-Thomas : Thérapie cellulaire immunomodulatrice de la Myasthénie utilisant les cellules stromales mésenchymateuses conditionnées

WEIL Dominique: Unraveling the involvement of DDX6 RNA helicase and P-bodies in neurodevelopment

WEINER Allon: Invasion by the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans studied by cutting-edge correlative “volume” electron microscopy

XU Zhou: Reconstruction of complex mutational events following adaptation to DNA damage